First Ride Conclusion: Aly is da Bomb!!!

First rides are like first dates . . . The "A Team".

Ok, that title looks like not a very good description for a horse, especially one that behaved so fantastically on our first ride together, but he is an explosion of awesomeness for me.

I’m still in that silent awe at how sweet Tucks St. Aly is, and how good he’s been to me. On the other hand, I was definitely not in awe at how I rode. But I’m SO glad you were there when I did. I’m rusty, and need to work on my form a lot, (self note to keep that head square on my shoulders).

But no matter how rough my riding was, I was so happy with how we did, we talked so much through those reins, and working him to drop his head, I felt his mind talking to me and felt him reaching back to me, wondering what did I want him to do, what did I have to keep him busy.

I’m hoping as I get stronger, and concentrate on keeping that good classical seat, that my strength and my brain working together will get me into keeping that position a lot better, and I’ll only get securer and more confident with him. I’m sure like everyone, we’ll have rough times, but I was more than impressed with him. I can say it was 110% positive experience with him, and I’m so happy that you were there and will be for the next week near us to coach me, my confidence is growing beyond words past what it would have been if I had not come.

Alex and Tucks St. Aly getting to know each other.

I can’t wait to get on my boy again; I hope you and Aly stay patient with me, because I’m sure I’ll have a lot of mistakes and have to be corrected a jillion times, but I’m going to try with all I have to improve for all our sakes and though it takes a lot of effort and can be very tiring, it’s a good tired and I’m having the best 18th birthday ever, I hope Aly can say the same for his 10th !

Lots of Love to all of Bits & Bytes Farm that make it all possible,

Alex & Aly

The first ride on any horse is like a blind date. You both want the experience to be good but there are always awkward moments. The “A Team” will be a team in a short time because they want to understand each other – Aly wants to please and Alex wants to be a good strong leader.