Thoroughbreds can do

Hounds Under Foot . . . No Problem for This OTTB

Dec 29, 2009

I took Rap foxhunting for his first time and my wife got to experience mounted foxhunting for her first time, and they both did great! We started out in the back and as the day wore on moved closer to the front, Rap was completely unphased by all the activity going on, including hounds running literally under his feet.

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Construction’s Checklist: Canters (check), Crosses Creeks (check), Coups (check) and Carrots (check, check, check….)

Oct 8, 2008

“Gus” (Construction) is so incredibly happy with his new career and new home at Bits & Bytes Farm. His personality comes out more and more everyday and I absolutely adore him. He has recently perfected the art of rolling (every single inch of his body gets covered with dust) and decided he has a LOVE…

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OTTB Carmac and Mom Morgan Happily Begin Their New Adventure

Oct 20, 2008

Carmac is wonderful!!! He is exactly what I expected and more…I am so excited, he is gorgeous a beautiful mover and has the cutest personality. Everyone was so helpful in the transaction of Carmac’s purchase; Mark was wonderful to answer any questions and arranging all of the shipping, Dr. Schilling was great, as well very…

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Back In the Saddle!

Apr 12, 2009

Hollywood Vic is very happy to have his Mom back on his back after a brief hiatus! Hollywood received a new bridle for Easter! He patiently modeled it for Mom to take photos! I think the modeling session almost put him to sleep!

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Happy Birthday Fast Commander!

Mar 12, 2009

I am attaching some recent pictures of Fast Commander out in my front pasture & on his first real trail ride this past weekend. It was beautiful weather, so there were lots of people walking dogs or riding bikes on these trails – it’s a public park. He looked at lots of things at first, but then settled nicely. He even crossed the stream twice without hesitation.

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First Ride on Whos Cindy Sue

Sep 4, 2009

Who’s Cindy Sue was very good…she quickly relaxed and we were able to walk and trot around the ring smoothly!

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Nov 23, 2008

WOOHOO!!! That about describes our day today. I attribute this to Kwinn’s feeling better. While he’s filled out and is generally looking better, you can see in his eyes that he’s feeling better. We had a good time riding today. Kwinn behaved well even when the mares in the field started galloping across the field.…

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More Firsts! Canter, Trail Ride, Jump

Feb 26, 2009

I didn’t expect that we would canter so soon, but I was really excited, and I know I was extremely tensed up and I could tell Aly was being a bit pushy for one of the first times since I’ve seen him, when we were trotting on the longe line, waiting for me to be ready. It was so incredible for me to see how after we got into that first canter, how he calmed down, back to the business-like, happy boy that he is. He KNEW that we were ready to step up to the next level, and he didn’t want any backing out on my part!

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Whozierhurry – The Mexican Jumping Horse!

Dec 8, 2008

I am so sorry I didnt meet up with you in Boston. As it turned out I did not go to Equine Affaire for work reasons….I was finishing up my final weeks with my current company and was finalizing the details of my new role with Schleese Saddlery! I am not sure if you have…

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