Two Years Off the Track “Cadence” Makes Great Strides

A little over a year ago, we were just starting our showing career. I’m so proud of “Cadence” aka Cold Cash – we qualified for the Southwest Dressage Championships last year (Oct 2008) and we placed 6th with 66.4% in Training Level. In addition, we placed in all classes we entered (First Level Test 1 (2nd pl 63%) and 4 (6th pl 58%) and First Level 4 (4th pl 63%)). We ended the year with two 66%s First Level 4 at a schooling show in which I was so proud of” Cadence” because it was the first time he really relaxed and gained confidence in the arena.

A few weeks ago, we attended a Freestyle Clinic with Karen Robinson. She was wonderful and entertaining and I was really lucky to get a last minute spot in her clinic. We picked the most beautiful music for “Cadence” and worked out the choreography that best shows off his talents for Second Level! Yes, Second Level – we have moved up and are going to (hopefully) qualify this year to be able to compete with this freestyle.

We had a rocky start to 2009 in that “Cadence” was lame for about a month, luckily nothing major or permanent damage to the tendons. We debuted our entry to Second Level at a schooling show two weeks ago and scored 60%, which indicated that we have lots of room for improvement, but are definitely able to hold our own. Goals for this year are to qualify for the championships again in First Level and maybe Second.

I can’t believe it has been two years that I’ve owned him – time flies! I am so proud of him and love the partnership we’ve established as a dressage team. I know when he’s not having a good day and he knows when I’m not. Occasionally have that battle of the wills, but no matter what we really have learned to trust each other. Someone at the freestyle clinic told me that it was so easy to see how much “Cadence” trusted me and that we were a great match. That really meant a lot because it made me step back and see how much we’ve accomplished together in such a short time. He gives me his all and expects the same from me. It’s been a great journey so far and I can’t wait for what the future holds in store for us!