Cold Cash aka “Cadence”

Not every Thoroughbred off the track is lucky enough to find a new owner and a second chance. But once in a while, an ex-racer is really lucky and such is the case for Cold Cash. He shares a bond with two very special women who have given him a great deal of love.

Cold Cash and Emee

Cold Cash and Emee

Cold Cash and Kali

Cold Cash and Kali

A bit of background. Emee currently owns Cold Cash aka Cadence. He was a Christmas present for herself in 2006. But Cadence had another owner after he retired from racing – and the owner’s niece, Kali, spent a great deal of time loving Cold Cash. For sometime, Kali did not know who owned Cold Cash. But she contacted Elizabeth at Bits & Bytes Farm who introduced Kali to Emee. And over the years, they have stayed in touch with one another by their common love for the same ex-racer, Cold Cash.

Emee and Kali are gracious to share their recent communiqués about Cadence. We have compiled a few below that exemplify the impact a Thoroughbred can have on the humans in their life. Maybe their messages will inspire you to seek an OTTB of your own.

From Emee to Kali:
Kali, it would be great for you to meet him again! He was brought into our lives for a reason and has changed both of us forever! I want you to know that he’s very, very loved and taken great care of (despite the injury reports, I promise he’s not being mistreated in anyway, he’s just being Cash!). He gets carrots and treats everyday. He’s a favorite at the barn – he has to touch everything and everyone. If you’re standing near him while grooming, he’ll try to smell your hair. He has to be in the conversation at all times, too. You would be very impressed with his progress in dressage! He has a new barn name (Cadence). It suits him so well because of the way he moves, but we always show with his registered name Cold Cash. Please let me know if you are ever in Texas because you will have to come see him! I hope 2008 brings even more happiness and blessings into your lives!
Emee and Cadence

Kali responds to Emee:
Emee, thank you so much for the offer and I’ll definitely let you know. Ever since a few years ago when he was sold that has been my dream to see him again. Thank you so much for all your hard work. It sounds like he’s come such a long way! And thank you for taking such good care of him–he’s a very special horse.

I was very happy to read that he was getting along with other horses, that’s a big step up for him. I’m not too worried about the minor injuries; I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without one. He still has his complete personality-nosey. And if anyone comes in to meet him with blonde hair make sure to warn them that he’ll smell it just to double check that they don’t have hay on their heads. Thank you also for taking such good care of him. He looks really happy which makes me ecstatic.

It took me so long to locate him that it is such a relief!!!! I’m so glad that you have him working at an extended trot. He has some of the best legs for that. It sounds like him and I are working on the exact same dressage techniques (side passing and counter cantering and shoulders in) I started learning dressage in August and have been practicing several times a week. Give him an extra hug, treat and pat for me! Finding him has made my week! You have no idea how much just knowing that he is doing wonderful means to me!!!
Much gratitude, Kali

Cold Cash crossing the finish line

Cold Cash crossing the finish line

A poem Kali wrote, dedicated to Cold Cash, “he’s the horse engraved in my heart forever”.

“The Ride” by Kali

Being ten years old, it’s hard to have experience.
It’s hard to reminisce.
Coming your way is a lot of new occurrences.

Just stay calm and try to keep your cool.
Take on new challenges but not bigger than a mule.

I thought I was ready, I thought I was good.
I thought I could take on all that had four legs and stood.

Wrong I was proved, I was not prepared.
However, everything happens for a reason, even if I was scared.

For a minute or two, I thought I’d be fine.
Being too comfortable had overcome my mind.

What I had forgotten was that on a powerful animal I sat.
One that had been trained to run fast and flat.

This was the day I learned not to yell.
A dog barked, I yelled. And because of my cue, Cold Cash he ran,
Like he’d heard a race’s starting bell.

Galloping faster than a car runs is so scary.
So much power underneath my seat.

No control, flopping freely.
Hanging on for dear life-literally

Could today be my last living a normal life?
Now, I am slicing through the air like a knife.

I have to jump, the gate is approaching fast.
Over it, I would never last.

“God help me, God please help me,” I pleaded and pleaded.
An angel’s hand was what I needed.

Trying to hide from my spooking scream,
Once again I face defeat.

With every scream, more power.
With every scream, more fear.
With every scream, more land we devour.

Jump! I jumped, landing by the cow’s boundary.
Cold Cash came up behind me.
He looked down at me lying in the grass.
He bowed his head as if to ask,
“Are you okay?”

Yes I was. Now he knew that.
And within a minute, or two,
I was once again upon his back.

For this was a new experience, I wasn’t ready for.
What good could come of it?
Horses galore!

This event shaped the rest of my life,
With help from family and friends.

My only dream now is to ride that one horse,
Once again.

The End.

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