Barbo came to Bits & Bytes Farm by way of St. Louis. Where he quickly became everyone’s favorite horse.

Barbo arrived at Bits & Bytes Farm in July 2005.

Barbo arrived at Bits & Bytes Farm in July 2005.

More stories of Barbo at the farm may be seen on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site.

Barbo has a great personality. He talks to you and bobs his head and then his whole body when he wants your attention doing what we call the “Barbo Bebop”. He is a real character. Barbo loves to trail ride and he is good over small jumps. Barbo floats when he canters . He is an extremely well balanced horse.

We are fortunate that Barbo’s new mom Erica Chase, DVM visits with us at Bits & Bytes Farm. This former Thoroughbred race horse is really enjoying his new career as a sport horse. He doesn’t even mind being dressed up for the holidays!

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