Irish Morning Mist

Irish Morning Mist Returns to GA…

Growing up I have always heard the phrase,  “If things are meant to be, they will.” This has definitely proven true for Irish and I. When I first meet Irish I immediately fell in love with him. He was the big bay of my dreams. When I purchased him originally, I had planned to keep him forever. However, being a college student, young, and just starting to live on my own got the best of me and I had to give him up.

When he left on the trailer to his new mom I was devastated. I spent many tearful nights looking at his pictures and regereting the decesion more and more. I eventually put all my riding gear in storage and gave it up. I couldn’t even bare to get on another horse because there was no match to Irish. As time went by, he went up for sale, however I could not get the money together in enough time to purchase him back. So again.. I watched him go to a new mom. At that point the little glimmer of hope I had that I would get him back vanished.

Then, one day as I was getting ready for work, I got an email saying that Irish was back up for sale due to some personal issues. I immediately started moving my finances around and said I would take him. Then contracts where signed and the date for shipment was set. I was ecstatic and could not believe this was truly happening. As the date of shipment arrived I got the news that it would be delayed because of the freezing weather. I felt like a kid waiting to open presents on Christmas day. So I waited… And finally the call came that the shipper would be pulling into the barn in an hour. I ran to the store, got Irish’s favorite treats, and waited impatiently at the barn.

When the truck pulled into the driveway I almost broke down in tears of joy.  I never believed that I would have my boy back, and this just confirmed he was home. As he walked off the trailer he came straight to me and put his head in my arms with a sigh of relief. He was home, where he belonged, and I could not of been happier.

We now spend every morning training and getting in shape (the both of us) and enjoying the beautiful warm weather of south Georgia. He is so happy and loves all of the attention and treats he gets.

This experience has taught me a lot and I was allowed to do a lot of growing up while Irish was away. Now that he’s home I know that we were always meant to be together from the moment we first met (Even though a small detour north caused me to realize that.)

For anyone who is considering a Thoroughbred, they are the kindest horses out there and want to build that special one on one relationship with you. Just take Irish and I for example. We found our way back to each other and are inseparable.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us through our journey and I will send lots of updates :)!

Happy riding!!

Megan and Irish

Read more stories about Irish Morning Mist. He was purchased off-the-track in 2001 by Elizabeth Wood of Bits & Bytes Farm. He has had several wonderful moms in his life. Read the oldest Success Stories here and the newest ones on this site here. You can still see older photos of Irish when he was a horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm.- Elizabeth