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Ex-Racers are Ready to Answer the Call to the Post!

Jul 4, 2009

Former race horses, Heather’s Best and Joe Bear hear the “Call to the Post” bugle call tone and remember their time at the race track.

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Bato Loco – SOLD! September 2008

Sep 17, 2008

SOLD! Congratulations Melissa Cavan of Fernandina Beach, Florida! This was his Prospect Horse FOR SALE information: Bato Loco’s photos only made it as far as our sister Web site: and he was SOLD! “Loco” is a 2003, 16 hand, dark bay, Thoroughbred gelding. He has four white socks. He is a beautiful mover who…

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OTTB Behren’s Design moves to California

Jan 28, 2008

He is doing great. It has been raining here since Friday. It is horrible. I hope to have a dry week so I can get him out.  Yesterday his hind right leg blew up.  I am hoping that is just lack of getting to move around.  He seems to be sound on the leg.  

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Ex-race Horse “Plows” Through the New England Snow

Dec 31, 2009

Who’s Cindy Sue aka: “Quinn” is learning the weather in New England is not so reliable! Here are pictures of her in her second snow storm, the first storm left us with 22 inches and single digit temperatures.

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Vilas County – Finished with Basics, Ready for Training

Oct 22, 2008

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Vilas. I told you that we took his shoes off and his feet already improved a lot. I started feeding him Biotin already back in February and now his feet start to show a better quality. He really does pretty well without shoes. I also started…

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OTTB Gold’s Anatomy Excels at Natural Horsemanship Clinic

May 6, 2009

This past weekend Laura’s Pony Club had a three day Karen Scholl natural horsemanship clinic and Laura took Goldie. The horses had to wear hula hoops and balloons, walk over tarps and have them pulled over the top of their heads. They eventually were riding around with a halter and lead rope with a huge moving pink balloon blowing around in the middle of the arena while Karen cracked a whip. Goldie was a star!!! No one could believe he is a five year old Thoroughbred off the track, he handled everything so well.

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Celebrating My First Year with “Bubba”

Jul 6, 2009

Lynn’s Vision aka Bubba. The best horse in the world and I’m lucky he’s mine!

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Fast Commander Endures Many Changes

May 29, 2008

We have had a busy first ten days. My new outdoor arena is under construction & trenching is being done to bring water to the barn & arena, so everything is pretty disrupted around here & riding is limited. Commander has learned to lunge nicely. We are working on his manners around people, which are…

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Desensitizing Techniques for the 21st Century: Laptops & Kitty Cats

Feb 24, 2009

Also, for the record, as seems very fitting to me, since he is from Bits & Bytes Farm, Aly has been properly desensitized to laptops! The other night I took mine out there to work on homework a bit, and although I didn’t get much work done, I did get some done with Aly! When I sat down beside his stall and opened the laptop, boy did his nostrils flare!

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