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Thoroughbreds can do

One Year Anniversary for OTTB Leader Board!

Sep 28, 2009

My Thoroughbred ex-race horse, Leader Board, has been such a blessing for me. My trainer said that even of we looked at 50 horses he couldn’t have found a better match than for me.

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Time Well Spent – “Dox” Blossoms

Feb 8, 2009

Thanks for your comments on Doxology.  I have to say I’ve put a lot of time into him.  I’ve spent everyday with him since he arrived, building a strong bond and developing trust.  I’ve taken sufficient time for him to recover fully from surgery after gelding,  regaining weight and adjusting to his new life.  Also,…

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Sec Cat – SOLD! December 2008

Dec 30, 2008

Sec Cat aka “Scat” – SOLD! Congratulations to Kathy Carisch of Westover, AL! Here is his Prospect Horse FOR SALE information: Sec Cat aka “Scat” is a 2005, chestnut gelding. He is big,16’2 plus gelding and only three turning four. He is super sweet with not a mean bone in his body. He is a…

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Four Year Anniversary for K O River Crossing and His Mom Loui

Jul 23, 2011

Wow!Hard to believe it has been four years since I purchased K O River Crossing (sight unseen and just retiring from racing). This past year he has come a long way. Dressage lessons, lots of ground work/riding and many desensitizing sessions with Bob and the “redneck carwash, flags, noodles, hoola hoops and more have definitely paying off.

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Punch is NOT For Sale!

Nov 8, 2009

Hi Elizabeth! Great news! We’ve decided to take Chaz (Punch) off the market and keep him. We are thinking about selling one of our other horses instead. I’m very excited to be keeping him, he is such a sweetheart! We’ve been working on jumping small fences and flatwork lately. He is doing amazing but still…

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Grid Works Pays Off When the Fences Get BIG!

Nov 7, 2008

Joe Bear and I haven’t been out and about very much in the recent months but I hope to do something soon. We have been working at home with lots of hill work and flat work and I make it a habit to do grid work at least once a week. I recently realized that…

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Dr. Sidney in the pasture

Dr. Sidney Settles In at Home

Mar 14, 2012

Sidney has officially made it through his first day, I attached a few pics of him in the pasture. He is a bit of a worrier, I can tell that he feels safer in his stall at the moment, he did finally settle in the pasture but stood at the very far end, looking off into the distance, I went down to talk to him and offer water a few times and he was fine about me approaching. . .

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Better Be There’s Menu

May 19, 2008

Buddy is eating fine now he does eat the grass hay and I only give him two small flakes of alfalfa a day – none of my horses get it free choice. My old mare colics too easy for that. He does however get grain twice daily and is doing fine on it so far,…

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Allegiant – SOLD! June 2009

Jun 15, 2009

OTTB Allegiant retires from Thoroughbred racing to begin her second career in dressage and eventing.

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