Thoroughbreds can do

Fame for a Day just isn’t enough – but Six Years…Now We’re Talkin’

Apr 20, 2009

Can you believe that Fame For a Day turned nine years old on April 8th? Where does the time go? I feel like I just purchased him from you. What an amazing boy! What an amazing journey! He’s like a fine wine as he just gets better with age!

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Muchu and Chuck

Starting Stiff as a Rod

Jul 13, 2011

Am thinking also to keep the mounted “work” to a couple of times a week for now and focus on continuing to loosen her and get her shifted and “right” in her work–loose flexible and relaxed with just enuf saddle work to make sure she continues to feel comfortable with it. Does any of this sound right to you guys? and any other suggestions? I am giving her back and haunches good deep rubs whether we have worked or not to try and make sure she stays muscularly as loose as I can….funny—was massaging her poll and upper neck the other day—she started yawning over and over and twisted her neck around to me some much she practically turned herself inside out…lol. Was the funniest goofiest thing, she was practically looking up at the ceiling.

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Who’s Exercising Who?

Mar 12, 2009

Then I got an idea, I started jogging around the circle where he normally lunges and kissed to him, he walked after me, but as I directed more energy to him and encouraged him he picked up a trot and followed me right around; we circled, and went both ways, all the while Aly trotting along so briskly after me! Then I thought, oh my goodness this is glorious, and had to try even more, so I veered off, down the pasture, and sped up a bit – he followed right along, tossing his head. We must have played like that for a good hour off and on, and I could tell we both had a blast.

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A “Familiar Ghost” named “Casper”

Aug 1, 2008

Ghost (aka “Casper”) has settled in just fine. He’s a little worried about the golf carts we use on the farm, and he’s not too sure about water troughs, but other than that he’s having the time of his life. He is breath taking and gorgeous. Thank you again for this lovely animal. He is incredible. I loved working…

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Taken’ Photos of Taken Chances

Oct 2, 2008

Here are a few pictures of Taken Chances. They are not great, but they do show how much weight he has gained. He is doing great, I just love him. – Laura

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The “A” Team #2

Sep 21, 2009

We have two “A” Teams.

Alex Kemper and Tucks St. Aly and Amanda Caldwell and Allegiant. This halter belongs to the second “A” Team.

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Cobb County Enjoys Leisurely Lifestyle

Apr 25, 2008

I am proud to say the “County” is a wonderful member of our family. I have not had a lot of time to ride him lately – been busy on the farm – but he goes out in the pasture everyday after breakfast. He is a very sweet fellow and I enjoy spending time with…

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Has To Be Good – SOLD! April 2008

Apr 25, 2008

SOLD! Congratulations Melinda Gates of Columbia, South Carolina!                     I have wanted a TB since I was a child showing ponies and he is my first one I have ever owned (I have however ridden plenty!). I have ridden with two nationally known trainers and have…

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Ides Pride May Be Available For Sale

Sep 9, 2009

“Seary” (Ides Pride) is doing well, she is back in work and doing really well. We are jumping x-rails about once a week. The rest of our time has been spent on flat work, still trying to move her muscle back up where it belongs as you can see in the pictures I have attached she has a bit of a baby belly.

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