Thoroughbreds can do

Tax Hike - Thoroughbred sold by Bits & Bytes Farm

Take a “Taxi” to School

Feb 14, 2011

Tax Hike was awesome at the show. It was her first time in this environment and she was very well behaved. Cait’s been taking lessons at our place or across the street once a week but opted to go to the show without any coaching. She has so much confidence in this horse. Anyway, they were an awesome pair, did fabulous and had a ball. They got a first and a third.

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Just About Perfect – Brat Maverick

Dec 1, 2009

Maverick was relaxed all day. He is no longer pacing the fence but instead ventures out to join the herd. Everyone is commenting on how beautiful he is of course, and add to that that he is as sweet as can be, I would say he is just about perfect.

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Votive – SOLD! June 2008

Jun 19, 2008

SOLD! Congratulations to Corrine Gabaree of Fairfax, VT     This was her Prospect Horse FOR SALE information: Votive is a 2005 foal who is 16.3+ – a dark bay mare. She is a pretty mover with a big free shoulder. She has a kind eye, great feet and is well proportioned. She is easy…

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“Bubba” goes Commando

Feb 15, 2009

“Bubba” (Lynn’s Vision) and I tried to ride with a hackamore today. We decided to try going bitless. His new teeth are making his mouth a little sore and he hasn’t learned yet to put down his head and my hands are not very soft. So when we ride his nose is up and he’s…

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Titania Embodies Grace and Ease

Feb 4, 2009

Since I last spoke with you (which was when “Ana” aka Titania, was out with a swollen leggie) I have gotten back on her and restarted everything. She is figuring out how to stretch forward and down, and is figuring out her leads (and even some flying ones)! We’ve done fences a few times, and…

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Dr. Sidney in the pasture

Dr. Sidney Settles In at Home

Mar 14, 2012

Sidney has officially made it through his first day, I attached a few pics of him in the pasture. He is a bit of a worrier, I can tell that he feels safer in his stall at the moment, he did finally settle in the pasture but stood at the very far end, looking off into the distance, I went down to talk to him and offer water a few times and he was fine about me approaching. . .

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Every Adult Woman will Appreciate – Your Husband on Your Horse!?!

Feb 21, 2009

Outflankem aka “Bailey” is still learning to give to the bit, but Neil is doing a great job of keeping his hands and seat quiet, and it’s taking less and less time for Bailey to relax and reach down. I may be biased, but I think they look very handsome together!

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Gold Charm

Sep 13, 2011

Gold Commander One is the barn charmer. Everyone, despite themselves, loves this big guy. Frankly, he puts the warmbloods to shame with his good mind and pleasant manners. He enjoys his work, the attention, and being out in the ring with other horses. He also likes to watch other lessons, just like Becky said he watched other horses at the track exercise in the morning.

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Whozierhurry – The Mexican Jumping Horse!

Dec 8, 2008

I am so sorry I didnt meet up with you in Boston. As it turned out I did not go to Equine Affaire for work reasons….I was finishing up my final weeks with my current company and was finalizing the details of my new role with Schleese Saddlery! I am not sure if you have…

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