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Thoroughbreds can do

Mr. Mully Trains Exceptionally Well at Recent Clinic

Dec 11, 2008

Recently Mully and I attended an Eric Smiley three-day clinic. We prepared well for the clinic and I was really excited to ride with Eric once again. He comes every year and if we’re lucky he comes twice. This was only Mully’s second clinic and having a really rough road to recovery from complicated splint…

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Joy in California!

Sep 2, 2009

Thank you so much for bringing me my JOY JOY! (Runnin Joy). She is the love of my life and will be with me till she goes to heaven! She is doing so well!

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Brett – A Champion at Eight

May 26, 2010

Just wanted to send you an update. Brett turned eight last Saturday (May 22), and he gave me a birthday present! We were champion in both of our divisions, classes of 14 & 16! He was fantastic! I’ve attached a photo of him with our ribbons.

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Still Totally In Love After Six Years!

Nov 15, 2009

Still totally in love with this boy! This was taken today! He is still the “Famous Snuggler”!
Just thought I would share!

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Brat Maverick - August 28, 2011

Brat Maverick is Available for Lease or Sale

Sep 5, 2011

Brat Maverick is a 16.1 hand 2002, grandson of Secretariat. He is sadly offered by his mom who wants to find him a very good home. “Maverick”  is currently in training at Bits & Bytes Farm where he may be test ridden. He is also available for lease as long as he remains at Bits…

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Great Game

Best of Both Worlds . . .

Nov 22, 2011

Hey now!!! I read the update on Shu in the website—-and it was wonderful………except……Dad Chuck gets the best of all worlds… lol—by playing BOTH the parent and trainer card, he gets to keep on riding Shu as well as Game….lol

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OTTB Copper Rocket ROCKS His New Mom’s World

Oct 24, 2008

This horse is awesome!!! He is so sweet and is extremely intelligent. It is amazing how quiet he is you would never know he had been recently shipped across country or that he is an ex-racehorse. Well that is until I turn him out in the arena. We are taking his new life adventures very…

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Win For Morgan Is Better Than Expected

Dec 9, 2012

Win For Morgan’s first Success Story: Tall and young was what I was interested in and that’s what Win For Morgan (now known as “Fitch” in the barn) was. That didn’t convince anyone that buying him was a good idea though. The whole “sight unseen” part of buying him made everyone nervous, but then again none of them had talked to Elizabeth but me. . .

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Punch – SOLD! March 2009

Mar 30, 2009

Congratulations Dawn Bollinger of Brooks, GA! Here is his Prospect Horse FOR SALE information: Punch is a 1999, 16 hand, gray gelding for sale. This is a very special horse and has been with the same trainer since he was two. He is very clean legged. He is great in his stall and very well mannered…

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