Thoroughbreds can do

TK’s Turn Turns Up For Dinner

Nov 29, 2010

TK (TK’s Turn) is such a character – he figured out that my appearance often means dinner or at least treats, so he comes right up to check. He sticks his head through the tack room window while I’m getting dinner ready. He gets along great with Cor (Cortableau) and Tilla (my Appy mare who…

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Dr. Sidney in the pasture

Dr. Sidney Settles In at Home

Mar 14, 2012

Sidney has officially made it through his first day, I attached a few pics of him in the pasture. He is a bit of a worrier, I can tell that he feels safer in his stall at the moment, he did finally settle in the pasture but stood at the very far end, looking off into the distance, I went down to talk to him and offer water a few times and he was fine about me approaching. . .

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Just Call Me Bubba

Jul 6, 2008

I can hardly breath watching Elizabeth and Barry drive the horse trailer toward the barn. I’m certain I held my breath for five minutes, until Elizabeth opened the side door and I crawled in to see my new horse, Lynn’s Vision. And there he is, calmly looking right back. He steps carefully off the trailer…

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Atlantic Ridge and new mom Salisa

Cantering with Confidence

Mar 26, 2012

I am cantering again! I have really created a bond with Ridge, and together we are really doing well! He has been a very good boy. I have my confidence back, and am feeling comfortable enough to canter again.

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Racing Roomies Reunite: Bubba & Hollywood Vic

Jul 7, 2008

Bubba is quite content living at Bits & Bytes Farm. He is an extremely kind soul, enjoys snuggles and has a willing attitude. He is extremely conscious of the horse hierarchy and just likes to stay out of trouble. I would say he’s probably a bit more comfortable around people than other horses with one…

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Better Be There’s Menu

May 19, 2008

Buddy is eating fine now he does eat the grass hay and I only give him two small flakes of alfalfa a day – none of my horses get it free choice. My old mare colics too easy for that. He does however get grain twice daily and is doing fine on it so far,…

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Trails Pose Nothing Tricky for Confident Light Artillery

Sep 4, 2008

Hope all is well up there! Back here in my neck of the woods I am enjoying life! It’s the best feeling ever to have the horses back. I have taken “Maverick” on a few trail rides. They are right up his alley anyways. We rode plum into the dark. Both my brothers went with…

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Brett’s 2010 End of Year Wrap Up

Jan 17, 2011

Hi Barry & Elizabeth! So, here’s the Brett and Judi end of year round up:  first place at our first ‘A’ show, fourth out of 27 in our first hunter classic-with a score of 80 in the first round, 76 in the second. Our divisions the largest in our local show association-usually 20-26 in our…

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Run Around Gal Delivers a Healthy Bay Filly in April

Nov 25, 2008

Run Around Gal is fabulous and gave birth on her own birthday April 20th to a healthy bay filly.

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