Dreams Do Come True


Veterinarian, Rebecca Kestle, fullfills her dream of owning a horse again.

Having a horse and riding again after many years  is  a dream come true.  I was so lucky to have a wonderful horse growing up, I rode just about every day from middle school through high school.  I even was able to take my horse to college with me.  When I went to veterinary school, I gave up riding and started showing dogs.

Every five years or so I would try and get back  into riding but it just never panned out.  There was so much going on in my life, raising children, running a business, showing dogs.   A high school friend bought a horse two years ago and invited me to go riding at Bits & Bytes Farm.   I finally found a place I could go and ride, unwind after a busy day, and totally get into a better state of mind.

I rode a few horses and fell in love with Foxy (Pride of the Fox).  He has plenty of get up and go but he is the ultimate gentleman.  He has the kindest eye that just look right through you.   We have just started taking some basic dressage lessons and what a transformation he is making with just minor adjustments in my hands and seat.  We also love riding in the woods, love jumping small obstacles and we are looking forward to a hunter pace or maybe more.

I can’t thank Elizabeth and Barry enough for such a wonderful horse/friend.  Now I do have to tell you that I at first considered Foxy like a big dog because he is just so sweet.  I am having to relearn horse behavior and having a good time learning Equine Veterinary Medicine.  Life is just one HUGE lesson and I am a willing student.

Rebecca Kestle, DVM