Tru Native gets body clipped for the first time.

Tru Native gets body clipped for the first time.

Hi Elizabeth,

Took these photos this morning.  You can put them with the success story!!  Finished clipping… His coat looks a bit choppy, it’s not easy clipping a young horse who has never been clipped before.  But he was sooo good and it’s all done now.  Now he is ready to work after the teeth floating tomorrow.  His hair was literally one and a half inches long. Hairy Boy!! I knew you were probably wondering how “Tru” is doing. So here goes…

“Truman” is adjusting beautifully. He has quite the personality and is a barn favorite for sure. He is VERY social and absolutely craves attention. Since he has been living in the field all alone for the past year this has been a complete life style change for the better for him. He now LOVES sugar cubes, beet pulp, horse cookies, etc. He has figured that whatever I offer him now it must be delicious. He is quite pushy and knows his size. So we are just slowly working on him respecting my space! By the way, we measured him and he is an unbelievable almost 17.2 hands!! Just massive and oh so sweet.


Tru Native begins training to be a dressage horse.

It has taken hours to get the clipping done. Of course, when I turned them on he backed up on the cross-ties and sent them flying down the isle about 30 feet, we just hit the ground knowing they would snap. He then slowly walked down the isle, so proud of himself, and into an empty stall. It didn’t take long at all for him to realize that the clippers won’t hurt him. Just lots of patience… I’m still working today on finishing his face, but don’t get next to his ears!! He did get a bath and was sooooooo good for that. He thinks he has “gone to heaven”! Absolutely loves grooming and stands perfectly still while he gets groomed. But, don’t walk away, he will follow! I now have to replace two sets of cross-ties!! Nothing seems to startle him much and is quite confident.


Tru Native admired the gorgeous horse in the mirror.

He loves his turnout paddock and loves his new horse buddies. He has bonded with his neighbor, Abby, a 31 yr. old OTTB. He loves toys and is VERY curious about everything, not spooky at all. When I brought him into the indoor for the first time, he was shocked at our huge mounting block, and then he got to see that gorgeous horse in the mirror. Tail straight up and trying to show off. He is learning to free-lunge and then decides to go straight over to the mirror, pulling me along, to see the horse that lives in the mirror. He is really a gentle giant and doesn’t mean to do that to me, but his curiosity gets the best of him. He has shown me his gorgeous, floaty, slow rhythmic trot out in his turnout paddock. I can’t wait to see how he comes along with dressage training. I think I found a “diamond in the rough” for sure. Have not seen a canter yet, so looking forward to getting a look at that as well.

I have not ridden him yet. The vet who did the pre-purchase said his teeth were in need of immediate floating and a baby tooth needs to be pulled. My vet is coming out on Monday to do his teeth/sheath, etc. His training will start later next week and I can’t wait!!! My trainer and I will take it VERY slowly with him. I want him to enjoy his daily work and be happy and relaxed.

Tru Native and mom - "Tru" Love

Tru Native and mom - "Tru" Love

I am totally in love with my new baby. I don’t want to leave the barn and when I am at home, all I want to do is go back to be with “Tru”. Thank you sooooo much for your support and assistance. This happened so fast, but I knew when I saw his photo on your website that was it. I was in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and had to meet him if possible. And possible it was, I was so lucky and blessed. He also has the same birthday, April 28, my horse that I just sold. I knew he and I were meant to be together. Everything fell into place perfectly. He is so far turning out to be an amazing, beautiful horse inside and out. But, just look out, when he wants something, he will get it. Quite strong-willed that way but I will surely enjoy this wonderful, exciting journey.

HAPPY NEW YEAR… It’s going to be a good one!