Win For Morgan Putting on the Weight

Hey Elizabeth,

Here are some more update photos. Fitch (Win For Morgan) is up to roughly 1100-1115lbs and gaining after moving to a new barn where he can finally receive what he needs. He’s still a darling to work with and ride and everyone at the barn adores him, especially the lesson kids because he loves when they come up and see him.

He goes out with a retired champion saddleseat Morgan, another OTTB, and a large draft horse. He loves to gallop in the morning out into the pasture with all three but he really has become best friends with the retired Morgan who happens to not have a right and and be completely paralyzed on the right side of his face. Fitch and Tommy, the Morgan, tend to stay out “late” (as other boarders aside from myself consider it) until 4-5 grazing until they’re ready for grain and hay.

I have gotten plenty of comments on how excited they are to see how he turns out because he has so much potential already so I’m excited to see how he does over the winter and whether we will be ready to show or not next season. If not, no big deal, that’s not what I bought him for. I love him to pieces and couldn’t ask for a more perfect horse.

– Kate