Ain’t No Big Bad “Bear” ‘Round Here!

Amy and "Bear" are going to Grad School

Amy and "Bear" are going to Grad School

I got accepted into vet school at University of Tennessee Knoxville. I am very excited to take this next step in my life, but nervous too, and a little sad to be leaving undergrad and Cookeville behind. As long as “Bear” aka Got Um Smoke Um, is with me though, I can be happy! I am trying to find a place for him in Knoxville, and the contacts you gave me have been wonderful and supportive. It will be nice not to be secluded as the only foxhunter/eventer like I am here, and not have to travel far to show or hunt. “Bear” is looking forward to hunting again, he misses the hounds.

My parent’s farm is coming together. We have some of our board fencing up, and electric tape everywhere else. Ravelle and Ikon are happy, and don’t have to do much but graze and nap and carry mom and dad around sometimes. Easy living. We’ve rescued three more dogs this year, so mom and dad stay busy with the horses and pack of dogs!

“Smokey Bear” has had the last year off, doing nothing but laid back riding and occasional jumping. He is ready to get back into it though! The weather has been wet and cold here. Smoke Ums got a new blanket this year because the waterproof seal began wearing off. He was very proud when he got to wear it the first time. He still gallops up whenever I pull up the drive, so I haven’t outstayed my welcome with him yet!

I can never repay you for finding me such a wonderful and talented horse. “Bear” has given me so much over the years, and he and I are ready to take this next step together to vet school. He told me he’s enjoyed college, but is ready for grad school. I told him that’s easy for him to say!

Amy Macintire