A Breeder’s Perspective on Finding Homes for Ex-Race Horses


Brat Maverick and his breeder Debbie Piepmeyer.

I am the breeder of Dakota Spirit and Brat Maverick’s. After the passing of my horse trainer I no longer wished to race anymore and needed to find my “boys” a loving home. Elizabeth had already found a great home for KO River Crossing with Loui Padgett so I knew she could find a home for them too. In August she found a home for Dakota Spirit with Jane Chance in Locust Grove, GA. In October she found a home for Brat Maverick with Jodi Penn in Peachtree City, GA. (Read Jodi’s and Brat Maverick Success Stories.)


Dakota Spirit sticks out his tongue at his breeder Debbie Piepmeyer.

I had vacation after Christmas and asked Elizabeth if I could come down to visit. She gladly accepted and on December 27th Barry, Elizabeth and I took a tour down to see my boys. Both horses have loving mom’s and I know they are very happy. Elizabeth took many pictures of me with my boys, and if it looks like I was crying in some of the pictures I was – but these were tears of joy!!! I am so thankful for Elizabeth, Jodi and Jane – I know my boys will have great homes for the rest of their lives. Words cannot express my thanks to all of you.

I met some wonderful people while visiting Bits & Bytes Farm and have seen how their lives have been changed since owning their own horse.

God bless Elizabeth and her dedication to finding homes for all the OTTB’s.  She is truly an angel!!!!

-Debbie Piepmeyer

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Debbie bred Dakota Spirit and Brat Maverick on her own small farm in Ohio. She was also the owner of KO River Crossing when he was a race horse. She trained these horses for racing and taught the babies to be handled and load into trailer. She was a hands on breeder and her love shows in the temperaments of these fine Thoroughbreds. Dakota Spirit never made it to racing before his trainer passed away unexpectedly but he had a great start and was trained to race. He will now have a chance to become a successful 3-day event horse with his new mom Jane Chance who is an advanced event rider herself. Brat Maverick was a successful race horse before moving to Georgia to become a sport horse. He has the movement to be  a potential dressage star or event horse like his little brother if Jodi chooses to do that. Whatever they achieve in life after the track, the important thing is that they are loved and being enjoyed. They do not have to go on to greatness to please his trainer or anyone else. They just need to be loved and there is no doubt that they are.

See photos of Debbie’s visit with Brat Maverick and Dakota Spirit.