A “Fat” Chance!

Finder’s Chance is doing fine. We are fattening him up for the winter. He has had light work this fall because of a strange injury that laid him up for a couple of weeks. He came in one day with a scrape on this fetlock and swelling and smelling like a skunk! Maybe he got into an altercation with a critter, or stepped in a foxhole or something. He really hated being in a stall during recovery. He loves being out with the herd of guys. He is best buddies with “Bear”, a PMU horse that looks like a Clydesdale, although he is some other draft cross. They make an odd couple! Chance’s flat work is really lovely – what a mover!

I have had a busy fall. I rode at Chattahoochee and bombed out, mostly due to lack of practice and nerves. The horse was also uncharacteristically on the muscle. Then I was third at Tryon and won River Glen. Jim insisted that I go to Pine Top for Thanksgiving, so we’ll be off again next weekend.

Mary Sue