Our Mission

Out of the mouths of babes . . .

. . .I must tell you about a conversation with Noah over the weekend. He’s a very sensitive child and picks up on things quickly. We were sitting with our neighbors in the backyard when for some reason, the subject of Kwinn (Dr. Kenny Winn) came up. Josh my husband may have mentioned we have a horse. So, I briefly explained to them about Kwinn and how I got him. Without thinking, the dad mentioned about the tragedy of the Eight Belles at the Kentucky Derby. Noah heard all this. I could see him processing it. That night as I was putting him to bed, he asked me if ‘Kwinny’ was safe. I assured him that Kwinn was safe. He then said, ‘no mom, I mean is he safe from hurting himself and dieing in a race’. I was so stunned. I told him that when I bought Kwinn, it meant he would never race again. Noah looked at me with tears in eyes and said, ‘I’m glad we saved Kwinny, mom’. Wow, I was just blown away. But, having that big beautiful head leaning against me tonight as I was rubbing his neck, I too was more than glad we saved him. And to think, my little five and half year old gets it. How amazing is that? –

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The Mission of Bits & Bytes Farm is to help sellers (of Thoroughbred race horses for sale) to find buyers who have the ability to transition these horses to new careers. We offer assistance and guidance to make sure the horses we sell are successfully placed. Our Success Stories are proof that Thoroughbred ex-race horses make great sport horses and family members.

When a horse is purchased with the assistance of Bits & Bytes Farm, we require the new owners to stay in touch and provide us with updates. These updates are posted on our Success Stories pages so that the sellers of the horses know that their horses are doing well and have not gone back to racing or been slaughtered. The sellers care about these wonderful Thoroughbreds and they too enjoy reading about their horses’ successful new careers. They often call or e-mail to thank us for finding a home for a horse they bred or trained.

To learn more about Bits & Bytes Farm and our mission please visit our Web site at: www.BitsandBytesFarm.com.