Allegiant Loves Her Young Mom

I brushed Allegiant real well today.  And, as I did, the kept putting her head lower and lower (even when I was trimming her whiskers a little).  She really likes the attention!!  I also put MTG on every cut, scrape, rain rot, etc.  Then, I put swat on her cuts for the flies.

I am starting on natural horsemanship exercises.  She can now flex her head all the way to my leg when I ask (and as an emergency brake, she can now do a one rein stop if she decides to take off).  We first started doing it on the ground, then went and did it under saddle.  I have a Clinton Anderson book that I am following the steps of.  We are also working on getting that James Wofford Gymnastics book.

As soon as she started flexing her neck, she instantly became calm.  It was kinda weird.  And, as a plus, it pops her neck!!

Hope everything is doing good over there!!

Amanda and Alle!!