Allegiant Video

Hey, do you have any racing or baby pictures of Alle? Or a video? That would be awesome!! I haven’t lunged her in two days because I have been sick, but I should be able to tomorrow. She is riding great.

When I took her off the lunge line and we rode around and there was a deer! She wanted to go up and see it, but she didn’t spook. I thought that was pretty cool!! My friend and I are going to ride within the next few days. She is training an Arabian (she hasn’t cantered him yet, so we are both in the same boat).

Hope you guys are doing well. Oh, Alle says to say hi to Stevie Loverboy!

Amanda and Alle!!

This one is my FAVORITE!!

Mom didn’t get any trotting pictures, but I am working on a video. I will send you the link when I am done. I know my position wasn’t great, but I have been sick and tried my best!! She was absolutely perfect!! I borrowed a friend’s lunge line. She is everything I wanted and more!!

I really REALLY like her (Allegiant), and can definitely see her potential. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. There is no way I would sell her. She hasn’t done ONE bad thing. Mom and Dad can hold her, and they aren’t even horse people. And, I love how she talks to me when she sees me! I know we will go far! Thanks for all your help!

Amanda and Alle!!

P.S. I am working on the tips you gave me when I was riding ( don’t point my feet out, hold my hands straight not horizontal, bend my elbows, and move with her. She really listens and is FANTASTIC to ride!!