Go Bubba Go! Our first canter was wonderful!

Go Bubba Go! Our first canter was wonderful! Click on the image to see more of Bubbas moves

We cantered for the first time today! I was inspired watching “Hollywood” and his mom, Cherie, as they cantered for the first time, they looked so happy working together. Bubs and I just had to try it.

We needed the lunge line to get there but with Elizabeth’s encouragement, Bubba went forward like a champ.

I’ve had Bubba for three months and everyday I spend with him is incredibly special and fulfilling. My little OTTB is not at all the crazy, spooky racehorse that people predicted. He has such a sharp mind and kind heart – he does anything I ask of him without question. When we ride, I see him listening and responding to me – and I work hard to reciprocate. Every ride we share is a joyful occasion. And every milestone we reach is a cherished reward. My little Bubba is a very special guy.