Amy’s Best Buddy Checks In

OTTB Better Be There lives in Midland, TX just down the road from Tucks St. Aly.

Better Be There lives in Midland, TX just down the road from Tucks St. Aly in Odessa. Click on this image to see more photos.

I am so glad to hear from you. I have been meaning to write to you for months. Better Be There aka “Buddy” is doing wonderful. I got him last May, and in Aug. I found out I was pregnant, but, Buddy still gets plenty of exercise on the 26 acres he runs everyday. Also, one of the girls I work with rides him for me, and loves him. Just until May when the baby is born, I cant wait until then so I can get back on him.

We still do plenty of ground work, lunging, etc. He has got the best personality of any of my other horses. He is just like a big kid. Loves people, and boy is he nosy! He wants to know, and be in the middle of everything you are doing, and he’s not afraid of anything, which is nice when you are on the trail with him and something runs in front of him, or blows by him.

He is also very mouthy, everything goes in his mouth, your jacket, your hair, and he loves sticks, he “draws” in the dirt with them. He also has one of the equine balls that he carries around along with the hose to the water trough. As soon as I find a good picture of him I will send it.

Better Be There's Prospect Horse For Sale photo from 2008

He looks great. I was looking at the pictures of him when I got him almost a year ago, and how thin he was, he looks sooo good now, he has put on at least 100 pounds. He is a very happy horse for sure, even when he misses his rides for several days. I think if I let him just be a pasture horse, which I will not, he would be just as happy and long as all his people love on him everyday. If I ever get another horse, I would really like it to be from Bradley Racing Stables, they did a wonderful job on raising and training him, he is definitely my best “Buddy”.

God Bless,
Amy Billington w/ Better Be There