Anamericansoldier Gets Some TLC

I just wanted to give you an update. Soldier was much better in 24 hours. We have had his teeth done and put front shoes on as he was foot sore (he was great for the dentist and the farrier). He does have stongyles so I wormed him today and will do another fecal in a week. He also has a good bit of rain rot and we are working on each affected area. Sunday is supposed to be warm so he will get a bath then. The girls who work for me love him already as he is so sweet – he stands untied in the isle to be groomed! I am going to keep him at home for a couple of weeks before I move him to the barn where Chipawild is for the winter in order to resolve some of the above issues and get a good feeding program established. He is a lovely horse and I think with a bit of time he will be a different looking animal. I took pictures the day after he came in and I will take some more Sunday after his bath (he is VERY dirty) and send them to you.

I hope all is well with you and thanks again for you help with Soldier (please thank Becky too),

Sara O’Connell