Antioch – Three Week Update

Antioch and Molly in a Lesson

OTTB Antioch and Molly take a lesson.

I have attached some pictures of Molly in a lesson with her trainer with Antioch. We have had him for three weeks now and WOW! He is such a fast learner!

So far we have clipped his legs and chin, taught him to stand quietly at the tie rail and when Molly is getting on him to ride. He and Molly have learned to longe on a long line and he is even responding to voice commands! He is learning what the acceptable speed for trot is and Molly has learned how to ask for it and keep it at the speed she wants.

Molly’s riding skills have expanded too! She and Antioch are building a wonderful relationship and learning to speak the same language. Her trainer is really helping us and I think is becoming quite fond of him too! He is the sweetest horse we have ever owned!

Please feel free to use this e-mail and pictures as a success story or however you see fit.