Attention Maine Residents – the “Irish” has Arrived

Irish has made it safe and sound to Maine! Everyone was in such awe of his size! He came off the trailer so quietly, went into his stall and immediately drank water and ate hay. Very relaxed. We turned him out and he just walked around. I figured he would need to run and burn some energy, but he was calm, cool and collected. 

Later in the day an update….

When I saw him it broke my heart. He did look tired and confused. I sat with him a while and he just came over to me with a look of “please let this be my lasting home”. My trainer and I are going to do ground work with him all this week to establish that I am the alpha. I understand where he is coming from, I moved every three years as a child growing up with no real sense of stability. I WILL be his forever mom. I see a great partnership!  And I am willing to work for it! Honestly, he looks pretty good.  Thank you for being there. 

And a final update….

Just want you to know that I am very diet conscience and have already set up a good feeding program for Irish. Also, after talking to Julie about his feet, I have my farrier coming Wednesday to take a look at him. My farrier is GREAT! I’m very picky about that too.  I will keep you up to date on everything!