Austin’s Wolf – Clean Again!

OTTB - Austin's Wolf at a horse show.

Laurie enjoys showing her ex race horse - Austin's Wolf. Click on this image to go to his photo gallery.

Hi Elizabeth,

Here are some photos from the last show. My trainer’s daughter was getting ready for her first show on the requisite white pony… she won 2 blues! Some interesting shots of Wolfie….. ‘dynamic’ I think was how Josh described them…

He was very comfortable over a little oxer warming up….

OTTB - Austin's Wolf at a horse show.

Auston's Wolf loves to jump.

You can probably tell from Jump 1 that he was way over jumping….. horse eating jumps!

At the end of the classes we got around clean….. and he was more relaxed…..

The height was not the issue…. More the pageantry !

However we’ll be ready next time!

Best to all!
Laurie and Josh and Wolfie of course!