Austin’s Wolf is “Reserved” at Seven

Hi Elizabeth and Barry,

We did our usual Hunters on Saturday and Equitation on Sunday, doing well in light of the fact that riding has been hit or miss for a couple of weeks due to work and weather.  Despite only getting in one ride this week leading up to the show, Wolfie was a good boy.  He put in a great schooling round on Friday night and solid rounds on Saturday.  For some reason he was very leery of the show photographer set up.  Not our best day, but we still won reserve.  Sunday we redeemed ourselves with a blue in the flat class and reserve there as well.

He has matured now – being 7….  (I can’t believe it!) He had no problem with any of the show today….  Worked through the left over water from a monsoon yesterday afternoon that flooded everything.  No problem trotting or cantering through it.

I think he is ready to move up to 3’….  And we will most likely target some rated shows this season.

The trot shot is our warm up for the eq. – yes it is still HOT here….

The jump shot is nice of him doing his job… looking in pretty  good form I think but I may be a tad biased.

Hope all is well…

Laurie and Wolfie