Bank President Excels at Everything!

Just a quick note from Minnesota. Bank President aka “Banker” is excelling at everything, he really is too smart for his own good. He is learning to bend and we have almost got him over the playful bucking issue. He has an amazing canter stride and really tries hard to please. He is so cute when her free jumps! He gets all excited now and you can’t even holdĀ  him at the end of the ring anymore. All he wants is to go through the grid. He hit a rail once hard and scared himself. But he went back the next time and was so careful and scopey. It was amazing! He has already gone to 4ft and has plenty of room to go. Hopefully next month he will be far enough along in training to do some jumping while I am on him. Putting weight on him has been a struggle. Let me know if you have any suggestions. He is already on a weight builder supplement. More to come soon and I am uploading some pics this weekend of his free jumping skills.

Thanks again

Amy Atkins
Harvest Moon Stables