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Barnwoodbo aka Bo has a “Purr-fect” First Ride

OTTB Barnwoodbo enjoys his first ride off the track

OTTB Barnwoodbo enjoys his first ride off the track

Thought I would let you know how we made out with Bo. I ran up on Friday morning to get him from the training center without my daughter because the window of opportunity was small. Now I have bought horses from pictures before but this is the first time the horse has looked better than his photo. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I got there and he had been bathed, fed and prepared for his travels. The folks there went through everything from his feed, play toys and a quick flex test to ensure their boy would be well. They even called yesterday to make sure he was okay.

The ride home was uneventful and Bo ran around checking everything out. His snort sounds like a lion purring which had us laughing. My daughter didn’t notice him when she came home but when she did, she did everything wrong. (Ran to him squealing, scaring him). In no time he came over to her though and seems to have settled in well. We had been advised to let him down for a couple of weeks since he was supposed to race Saturday and had been pulled when we bought him. There was concerned he would be in race mode and wreak havoc.

Since Bo has been so calm, against advice, we saddled him today thinking we would just lunge him. When I realized he didn’t have his boots on, I ran to get them and tossed them to my daughter. Instead of spooking, he moved his head and then turned towards the second one flying through the air. WOW what else could you want in an event horse? Of course, he was still calm; so Staci hopped on to see what would happen. They did great. The only bad thing is this “project” horse is quickly elevating himself to a family member. Thanks for everything.

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