Rightfully Bragging on Bato Loco

I have a great time seeing all the new horses on the website. These OTTBs are so lucky to have you in their corner.

Bato Loco aka “Tux” will be six years old on Friday.  Yeah!

We moved to new stables.  I was taking “Tux” to my friends’ barn every week, and it just made sense to move.  He acts like he has lived there forever.  We are having a blast.

We are working on trailering.  Sometimes “Tux” walks on like he’s walking into his stall.  But sometimes it is horrible.  One night I had to wave my white flag and let him spend the night in a friend’s pasture.  He has been a lot better, but we will continue to practice.

AND now for some bragging:   I love This horse!  He is such a character.  He LOVES jumps.  He’ll cross creeks, but he’ll jump them too if I let him.  He gets so fired up!  We plan to go to the beach soon.  That will be an adventure.  I also will be taking some dressage lessons with him to see just what he can do in the arena. He is such a treat!

*Clinton Anderson has a video series specifically on restarting an OTTB, and a new one is scheduled to come out this year.  You can order it on his website or catch it on RFD TV.  His tour is good, too.  His techniques have given “Tux” and I a really strong foundation we continue to build.

Go Derby!
Bato Loco is the great grandson of Triple Crown Winner Seattle Slew. He is the grandson of the great race horse Alydar who finished second in each of the three Triple Crown races to Affirmed. This horse has a pedigree filled with athletes! – Elizabeth