Brat Maverick Arrives at Bits & Bytes Farm

Brat Maverick meets his new mom Jodi Penn!

Brat Maverick meets his new mom Jodi Penn!

Brat Maverick aka former Prospect Horse -“Maverick” has arrived at Bits & Bytes Farm to meet his new mom Jodi Penn. We took a tour of Kentucky and Ohio to see the fall foliage and to pick up Brat Maverick. It was a whirlwind weekend of fun.

Brat Maverick met his new mom today!

Be sure to check out the photos of their first meeting.

Brat Maverick’s old pasture mate was KO River Crossing and his mom Loui Padgett took care of the farm while we picked up Maverick. Here is what Loui had to say about Brat Maverick making it to our farm. — Elizabeth

“I enjoyed my weekend at Bits & Bytes taking care of everyone while you and Barry picked up River’s previous pasture mate, Maverick (River did as well). It was great to see them together when you arrived. It was also obvious River rememberd hisĀ  buddy.”

K O River Crossing & Brat Maverick former pasture mates meet again.

KO River Crossing reunites with Brat Maverick!

“Jodi and I went through similar journeys to find our horses and I must say. I am so glad Maverick found such a great Mom. I love my “Guy” and it is quite obvious when I arrive at the barn, he knows I am there.”

“In the 2+ years that River has been at Bits & Bytes Farm, I haved learned so much and appreciate all you and Barry do for the horses.”

“Thanks for taking care of the OTTB’s. They are a very special breed.”

— Loui