Brett Wraps Up a Great Season

Hi Becky and Elizabeth,

Here are some photos from this show season.  The Reserve ribbon was our first ever–and also the first of several this year, along with one Champion ribbon!  We are getting them out of good size classes (16-17, this one was actually 20).  We have just moved up to 2’6″–no big deal at all for him, and actually, I handled it well too!  His big easy stride floats the distances….but the real step has been a bit challenging for me after a year and a half of doing the add step.

Our next show is Oct 31, I’ll try for photos of us at the 2-6, as he jumps even better as the heights go up.  And, of course, I’ll fill you in after the TB Celebration show in November.

He is wonderful, and remains the horse I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid.  Thanks again to both of you.  I will get a conformation shot for you soon–he is gorgeous and you must have the chance to admire him. Actually, he is the spitting image of Forty-Niner.  I showed some friends at the barn photos of grandpa, and everyone thought it was Brett…