Brett’s 2010 End of Year Wrap Up


Hi Barry & Elizabeth!

So, here’s the Brett and Judi end of year round up:  first place at our first ‘A’ show, fourth out of 27 in our first hunter classic-with a score of 80 in the first round, 76 in the second. Our divisions the largest in our local show association-usually 20-26 in our class.  We are 6th for the year in the equitation, 5th in the hunters (clearly my horse is better than I am, LOL)!  Obviously, to end up in the end of year awards, we had to win several championships and reserves. He is, quite simply, the best horse in the world. A fancy show hunter who, with no professional riding him, can tolerate the errors this ammy makes, forgives me, and keeps right on going. And, he LOVES his job! I will be sending you a couple of photos from our wonderful season-please note the smile on my face! It’s there every single time I ride him.


The TB celebration horse show has become so large it’s now three, three day shows.  I think you know Anne Russak, she’s quite involved in it.  The concept is spreading, as some shows in VA and MD are holding classes which are point earners for the end of year awards!  It’s quite cool, I hope you can attend one of them!

Hope you had happy and healthy holidays!

Judi Edwards & Brett