Brother Ron Settles In at Home


Brother Ron and his new mom Marta Srednicki

Brother Ron settled in so well at his new home.  He is a nice paddock by himself for now so that he can have all the hay he wants, but also has his friends right on the other side of the fence.  He let the other horses push him around, being the sweet boy he is, so he is much happier now just having them in sight.  He will most likely end up in a pasture with some other horses.

They have a few donkeys that roam around the property, and the moment Brother Ron saw them he perked his ears up and just stared.  He was not the least bit spooky, he was just really curious.  It took him two days to get used to them.  Everyone is absolutely in love with him, and can’t believe how calm and sweet he is.

I lunged him yesterday, and he was such a good boy.  He is learning to stay on a bigger circle now, and listens very well.  I rode him today and he was quite lazy, but we worked on bending at the walk and trot.  He is very heavy on the right rein, but its understandable since he was always worked one way, so we are working on it, but I would like to get a few pointers from you on how to help that.

I’m going to start taking some dressage lessons soon.  Ron seems to really love his new home, and I almost forget that he is off-the-track, because he is just so calm. He is still a little pushy on the ground, but he has improved a lot already. I absolutely love him. I am so glad I decided to get a Thoroughbred off-the-track, the whole process what great! Pictures will come very soon, since I left the camera at the barn.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Elizabeth’s Note: Marta and her family came to Bits & Bytes Farm to see our horses and learn more about the process of purchasing a horse directly off-the-track. Marta rode one of our horses and it was obvious that she was a good rider in need of a good horse. We were at the track picking up Popular Five a week later when we spotted Brother Ron. Our first thought was of Marta and we are happy that we were able to bring Brother Ron back to our farm a week later for Marta. We were able to test ride him for her, get him adjusted by the chiropractor and have his teeth checked out by the dentist. Marta came and rode him several times before taking him home. We have a Brother Ron Photo Gallery which shows some of his training photos while he was at Bits & Bytes Farm.