Bubba Does Dressage

I’ve heard the other folks at the barn talk about those special moments when you and your horse make a huge leap forward, and this past weekend Bubba and I enjoyed one of those precious moments.

We’ve been working on riding and communication fundamentals so Bubba and I better understand one another. Maintaining a consistent cadence, proper pressure on the outside rein, not putzing around in the ring – either work or stand still and rest. In addition, Bubs has matured into a pretty sturdy sport horse, good muscle, using his hind end. So I felt we were ready to canter.

A few tips from Elizabeth and Darylene on how to tell Bubba to canter and we were off, off to the moon! Bubba went into this lovely, incredibly strong (and a little quick) motion and I whoohoo’d as we went around the ring. This quick turn around the ring clicked some button in my plain, small, fuzzy, long maned brown pony and this incredible creature of motion and power appeared.

We next trotted and as I took hold of the reins, he happily dug in and we went round and round with an extended trot I had not previously seen. An amazing door opened for my partner and I, and I think I need to step it up to keep pace with my special boy.

I’m sure everyone has these moments and I’m glad we have the Success Stories to share them. I wish more people had an opportunity to enjoy these incredible horses – whatever their talents and abilities. A great ride is hard to beat but we all look forward to the next topper, don’t we?
-Melanie Eberhardt

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Order an original illustration of your special pet for Christmas today!

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