Bubba Encounters the Gates of Hell and They are Guarded by Three Ornery Arabs

Bubba's new family welcomes him - not

Bubba's new family welcomes him - not

Bubba and I have enjoyed being at Bits & Bytes Farm for the last month. But I think its time for him to come home and meet his new siblings, my three white Arabians (GG, Nettie and Kain) and little brown pony, Joe. I’ve fixed broken fencing and reset a few crooked posts. I’ve gone to the feedstore for different grain and hay that isn’t Coastal. We’re ready.

I live a few miles from Bits & Bytes and Elizabeth and Barry kindly taxi Bubba over in the morning. We walk together down my long drive, across the front yard, then everyone (horses) get their first glimpse of “the other”. And its downhill from there.

My horses are dreadful toward Bubba who wants nothing more than to not make any waves. The mares lunge and make faces. Kain, my sweet gelding, has turned into Godzille. And little Joe, who barely reaches the bottom of Bubba’s belly, charges and drives him away. Hoping everyone will chill given a little time – ends three days later with Bubba colicing.

I call the vet. I call Elizabeth. I call my mommy. Bubba is miserable and tied to an oak tree with an IV hanging from a branch. Then the rescue team (Elizabeth and Barry) arrive, scoop up Bubba and take him back to Bits & Bytes Farm.

Elizabeth and her two nieces have given Bubs a nice bath by the time I arrive. We put him back in his stall, hook up the IV’s and the two of us bond for the next two hours while he continues to recover and feel stronger.

Another month has passed since Bubba encountered the gates of hell guarded by little white arabs and their pony minion. He’s much happier and content at Bits & Bytes and that’s where he’s gonna stay!