Bubba and I had the best time today! We went on our first trail ride at Bits & Bytes Farm. The other evening Elizabeth and Classic Casey had given us a quick tour as it was getting dark. Today, Andi and Bounced led Bubba and I through all the trails and we loved it!

Bubs is such a willing fellow. He walked across the creek without hesitation, he went past scary propane tanks and large green electrical boxes, stepped over the jumps along the pathway, didn’t care that sticks and leaves brushed against him, walked around the trees carefully so I didn’t get bumped. His only double take was at a huge fallen tree – the root ball the size of my garage. We had to walk right against it; he just gave it a good eye-balling, and walked right by without even a quick step.

He certainly used different muscles. When we returned to the barn, Bounced’s armpits were slightly moist where Bubba was totally soaked and had sweat dripping from his belly. A good bath was appreciated and I think Bubba spent the rest of the afternoon napping in his stall.