Callie's Wright at home - December 29, 2011Hello Elizabeth!

Callie’s Wright arrived safe this afternoon! I called Michelle to let her know that she arrived in perfect shape and that I really like her, she seemed very pleased! She told me to keep her updated and to call her if I came across any questions as I started working with her! The company that transported her (Tapp) was wonderful! They were very nice and professional to work with and were reasonable with their rate!

When they arrived Mr. Tapp told me how wonderful Callie had been to work with and bragged on Michelle. He opened the trailer and I stood back trying to get my first look at her. Callie's Wright and Miss Katie in the truckShe stood looking out the trailer at her new farm and then he walked her off the trailer and told her that she was home now! She was very calm and just looked around like she was taking it all in. I walked her around a little bit and then led her to her stall so she could eat some hay and drink some water while I went and settled up with the Tapps.

After they left I spent some time in her stall with her and gave her some peppermints, which I have plenty of thanks to Michelle’s warning about how she LOVES them. We then went for a short wak so she could see some of her farm, eat some grass, and meet her new horse friends. Coy and Lacy were VERY excited to see her, I saw him making googley eyes at her! She is eating a drinking just fine so far, which is a good change from how Tie reacted when he came here. As I mentioned on the phone I plan to turn her out either this afternoon or in the morning and will start working with her right away! We have a lot of muscle to build and I can’t wait to get started! I am heading back out but wanted to send you a quick e-mail and some pics!Miss Katie gives thumbs up to her new big sister!

Thank you!!!
Mary Jennifer