Callie’s Wright – First Ride!

First Ride on Callie's Wright! Finally!

Hey Elizabeth!

How is everything going down your way? I couldn’t wait to e-mail you because today went fantastic!!! We have had beautiful weather here this week and have I been dying to ride my girl but haven’t had anyone around. Today I finally had a friend here to lend me a hand. I warmed her up on the lunge line and she was doing great, so I got a bucket (to stand on) and asked my friend to come in and hold her just incase. I decided that I need a taller bucket because I still had to give a really big hop to get on her. 🙂 Once I was on I had Hollie lead us around so I could test her breaks out and get a feel for her. I am very happy to say it was very uneventful.

Callie's Wright and her mom Mary JenniferSo, Hollie unclipped and left the round pen so I could ride. I was very pleased that she moves really good off my leg, so I don’t have to use much hands. We practiced circles, bending, changing directions, and the I decided to try trotting. In lunging Callie I have found her to be very forwards moving and sensitive to my aids, so I really expected her to be that way in the saddle. I don’t know if you can tell by the pics but this was not the case. My legs are going to be sore from asking her to trot some much! My goal became to make it all the way around the round pen without her breaking stride at the trot and I was determined!!!! It took us about 20 min to achieve my goal, so I was very excited when it happened! We ended the ride on that wonderful note!

Callie is so funny. After I work her and we go back to the barn she loves to have her face rubbed. As soon as I take her bridle off I scratch and rub her head all over. Then I get her soft brush and she stands there with her neck stretched out and her head sideways while I brush her cheecks. She cracks me up. It has been a lot of fun getting to see her personality come out more and more each time I work with her. My goal over the next couple of weeks is to get her more relaxed under saddle and doing more trot work to start building those muscles. Enjoy the pics and wish us luck with trying to turn her out again! I was sick last week so I hope to finish the fencing by next week in the front pasture and give it another try! As long as I can get her to stay in the fence this girl isn’t going anywhere!!!
Mary Jennifer

Elizabeth’s Note: Callie’s Wright is used to four board fencing so Mary Jennifer’s electric fence was not a deterrent to her jumping the fence to get to Mary Jennifer! Mary Jennifer is raising the fences in the hopes that this will keep her in the pasture. If not, she may be looking for a new home with someone wanting a Grand Prix jumper!