OTTB Carmac Has a Successful New Career in Eventing


Lets see where to start… I jumped as a youngster but then did dressage only for several years before I quit riding.  When I decided to get back into the horse world I knew I wanted to jump again, and that’s when Carmac’s purchase came along.  I knew that I would need some professional help with Carmac and decided to send him to my trainer Bill Hoos in Franklin, TN in April 2009.

Bill is a 4* rider and coach with enormous experience with young talented horses. Bill and Carmac made there debut at Champagne Run at BN in June 2009.  Despite the distractions, such as jump judges with clip boards and squirrels doing the hula in the tree 🙂 he was great!  He never paid much attention to the jumps, it was whether or not Bill could get him turned from the distraction in a line to approach the jump..haha

He quickly moved up the ranks to Novice, which I might add he won his first Novice with the low score dressage at Middle Tennessee HT 🙂 Carmac then moved up through Training and then did his first Preliminary HT at River Glen HT in August 2010.

He now has completed successfully 4 Prelim’s and has been 4th and 5th in the last two of them.  He is still green but is showing tremendous talent!  And seeing as how his talent outgrew my knowledge in the jumping area I decided to let Bill have the ride and take him as far as Carmac wants to go! I am loving watching this horse develop physically and emotionally! He is truly a special horse and I am blessed to have him in my life.

Bill and he have become a true team and they understand each other.  I can not speak highly enough of Bill’s training and care of my horse, he has done a wonderful job.  We call ourselves Team Carmac..hahaha

We are so excited about Carmac and he is so full of personality 🙂 I would love for you to meet him sometime, you would be very proud.  We have our last show of the year in a couple of weeks at River Glen, he will run Preliminary again, then its lots of training over the winter and back to Ocala, FL for our second year in February.  In Ocala he will get a lot of opportunities to school and will do the Ocala HT down there.  Thank you again for helping me attain this special horse!