Christian’s Hope at Home Fox Hunting

Christian's Hop aka "Bobby" has found a new career.Hi Elizabeth — It has been too long since I have sent you a report on Bobby, but the news is all good. For the last couple of years, we were fighting a losing battle trying to convince Bobby that he would be a good sport horse, specifically an eventer. He was very athletic and could jump the moon, but he was never happy jumping jumps with standards, and he really hated being put “in a frame” for dressage. We tried him with three different trainers, all experienced riders, and none of them could make much headway. We noticed that he loved just hacking out around our farm, and jumped logs and other “natural” jumps without standards without rushing out of them as he did with arena jumps, so it occurred to us that he might enjoy being a field hunter. We advertised him that way, but didn’t generate much interest — it seems that there are lots of green field hunter prospects out there. Finally, a whipper-in for a hunt near Charleston who loves off-track Thoroughbreds for hunt horses responded to our ad, and when she came out and rode him, they really clicked and she seemed to know what he needed to progress in his training. We sold him to her, and she now sends us regular reports of his tremendous progress in the last couple of months. I’m attaching a couple of recent photos she sent us. If he’s ready for opening hunt in the autumn, we plan to attend and see Bobby in all his sporting splendor !
It was a long road for Bobby, but we’re very happy he’s found a job that is suitable to his talents !

All the best,
John Parker

Christian's Hope at the race track.

Christian's Hope at the race track in 2007.

Christian's Hope fox hunting

Christian's Hope found that he loves fox hunting! July 2011