Coastside Loves Being Outside!

I moved Coast to a new farm. He needed three-board fencing in the pasture and I decided to move him to a new farm. His stall is 20×24 (big) with lots of fresh shavings! He gets daily turn out with another OTTB.

He started training this month. My trainer says he will be able to go over cross rails next month. He is a quick learner and his personality has really come out at the new barn. I have been practicing Natural Horsemanship bonding exercises with him and have seen a dramatic improvement! He doesn’t pin his ears anymore and I can tell that he is much more relaxed.

Yesterday it was 80 degrees here and he got sweaty running around his pasture so I gave him a bath and hand walked him in the sun and let him air dry. The moment the cool breeze hit him, he was like a foal! He is gaining weight nicely and I can’t wait to see what is under his fluffy winter coat!