Coastside’s First Ride – New Mom Full of Pride

I rode Coast today and was pleasantly surprised! I lunged him first then mounted him in the round pen and he was so patient! He stood for me to mount him and I actually had to work at getting him going.

He is listening fairly well to both leg and vocal cues. I trusted him enough to ride him in the main arena and he did beautifully! We just rode walk-trot today, but I anticipate him being ready for working the canter very soon.

He is my first off-the-track Thoroughbred and I must say that he proved me completely wrong. He stands quietly to be tacked without cross ties and we almost had to get a whip out to get him going! He is a very good eater but a little possessive of it with a tendency to pin his ears and toss his head. I now groom him while he eats and he is starting to become more relaxed around his food (he doesn’t try and trample me for his beet pulp anymore)!


Elizabeth’s Training Notes: Read enough of our OTTB Success Stories and you will see that this experience is more common than not. The horses at the track are used to going to work every day. There is no time for them to be silly. They are usually well trained and obedient. They know how to yield to the leg and reins. It is important for new owners to establish that they are the boss and then the horse will not try to take charge. Click on the “Search by Tags or Topics” button and choose the First Ride tag to read many other new owner’s “First Ride” experiences.