Coin Maker Makes Friends at New Home

Hi Elizabeth,  I just wanted to let you know that Coin Maker is doing great.  We had him by himself for a couple of days,  then in a pasture with our “baby” horses (2 3-year-olds and 1 2-year-old).  Yesterday,  we let him out with everyone and,  other than the usual antics,  everyone is getting along fine.  He hangs out with the babies and has his own little herd.  Leslie has been doing some round pen work with him and getting him to come to her. He is very beautiful and sweet.  I’m sending some pictures.  I stuck in a couple of our earlier Bits & Bytes wonderful horses.  There is also one of  Dawn, my Oldenburg who I had at Rock House a few years ago,  which is when I met you.  If I hadn’t taken her there, all of this might not have happened!  (Hmmmm)

Take care, Laura