Cortableau Gets a Mom!


Cortableau meets his new mom it was love at first sight!

Congratulations to Dr. Laura Durham-Dixon of Griffin, GA on the purchase of Cortableau aka former Prospect Horse “CordonĀ  Bleau”.

Elizabeth and Barry picked up Cortableau and Rap It Up at the track on Sunday August 30. Rap It Up transferred from the Bits & Bytes Farm trailer to David Goodman’s trailer in Chattanooga, TN to make the trip home to Athens, AL.

Cortableau spent a few days of well earned R&R at the Bits & Bytes Farm “Spa” where he received laser treatments, stretching exercises and lunging. He learned to eat grass and run free again! And he chilled with the other ex-racers on the farm who, we’re sure, told him that his racing days were over.


Stevie Loveboy and Cortableau discuss life after racing at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Stevie Loverboy chatted with “Bleau” over the fence, “There’s no track here. These people are nice.” By the time his new mom Laura Durham-Dixon arrived on Friday he was feeling good and ready to meet his new family.