Crowd Catcher is a Crowd Pleaser

Crowd Catcher and her new familyHey there! All is great! Everyone loves “CC” at the farm and are spoiling her with apples, carrots, and lots of rubs and pets 🙂 she was very nervous the first few days but is adjusting well- drinking, eating, and getting turned out each day. Wormed her yesterday and she had her hooves trimmed. Starting her own some hoof supplement as they are flaking. Picking up vaccines this week. Weather is warm and mosquitoes are out. Tried putting her with a small group 2 days ago, but she stood in the back of the field and quivered. So, she is out by herself with others in the next field each day. She can visit along the fence as she gets used to them. She has a window in her stall and looks outside. We’ve had great weather, so she has enjoyed it. I’ve been lounging her some, doing some ground work, and walking her around letting her get used to her knew place. She is behaving so well. She loves the attention and being groomed. It was 77 degrees the other day, so she is shedding and had her first bath. Nothing seems to bother her. So far so good. Waiting for my bits, bridles, etc. To come in that I ordered. Will start ground work with a saddle in a week or 2. I’m in no rush – just enjoying her!!! Thank you so, so much. She has been a joy! I will send some photos soon.