Da Slockbower Boyz Gotz a Blog

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Why Da Slockbower Boyz?

You might da been wonderin why I would want a blog for ma hosses . . . well herez da story . . .

Dis is how I seez mah hosses talkin’, if dey could talk. In fact, dey do talkz ta me jus’ about every day. And I talkz ta dem, too! But I’ll switch inta human-English ta make it easier ta foller da story.

I am the happy owner of not one, but TWO very personable Off-Track Thoroughbreds, Monarch’s Reign and Detroit Iron. They are an endless source of entertainment for me and my friends at the barn . . . and even for my co-workers at the office, who have never met my “guys.” So I started a blog to share some of the fun with others, and also as a sort of diary of their escapades. I hope you enjoy reading about mah hosses as much as I enjoy being with them each and every day!

Slockbower? That’s ME!

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m the “Slockbower” in the name. It’s my last name. I’m an adult who had horses as a kid, but never found the time or the money for them as an adult, until December 2009, when Monarch came into my life. Since then, I’ve been pretty much inseparable from him, and now from his “brother” Andy as well. Read on, and learn about my horses, their adventures, and our life together at the totally magical place where they live and I come to life with them, Bits & Bytes Farm in Canton, Georgia. Follow along with their escapades on their blog. . .

You can get your own blog or Web site too! Just contact Elizabeth Wood at Bits & Bytes Farm and we can set up a blog for your horse, business or farm. Call 770-704-6595.