Dare to Dream

You know—I was thinking after we talked today about what you suggested with Game and her indoor spookies. It occurs to me that I really haven’t been able to make myself very well understood about her or how she is training or even how she and I relate very well at all. The things you suggested about how to maybe get her thru some of the spookies—the desensitization I had already tried in several different guises…the poll rubbing I didn’t know—but coincidentally I had tried already just because of the reaction and relaxation I got from Shu when you had suggested it with her, and I figured that even if it didn’t do anything for the spookies would make her feel better and help me and her bond better so it was golden if for nothing else than that.
So….that being said…I am going to try and explain something that I can’t put into words very well–if at all—and a lot of days even doubt myself just because I am a nurse and a pragmatist and a real life live in this world kind of guy…and this violates most of that. It is going to sound nutcase—and I know it…but I just don’t know how to frame it any other way—and for all of the nutcase sound of it—it is real to me–and it works….
A lot of what I do with the horses is sort of a sense thing—I can “feel” what they think most of the time–I have always from the very first minute I was around my first horse felt I could feel what was inside thier head–and conversely–they seem to be able to feel what is in me as well…we always just get along..well maybe not get along—but literally converse on some level—I don’t know how. With almost every horse I have ever been around I can sense what they are thinking-their spookies-wants—whatever—and it is how I have always been able to train them. Alex-my mentor–taught me tons of facts and information about horses…things like you offered about ulcers and poll relaxation and them not being able to turn their head—things like that—and I remember it all–and they are always tools that I use…I love to always get more tools and more information…but somehow–it is and always has been that goofy internal “sense” I live on with them–and truthfully as a nurse as well. He was a walking blend of all of that same sense and the facts as well—the horses just flocked to him like some guru—and I tried hard to imitate him from the beginning—but I don’t think it was something taught or learned—I think I just somehow have it. Shu—she was easy—she was so typical–we got to know each other—we had our conversations—but she was open and trusting and the communication with her was instant–but is like communicating with Patrick…hearing and understanding doesn’t always mean agreeing…and sometimes she doesn’t-even now…but she always has honor and respect and honesty in how she converses with you—even when she disagrees…and we work it out. She is a true marvel–I have never ever handled one I respected more than her…and—as long as we are talking about conversations—she and I had several…when I was switching Patrick over to being her main rider….plz understand I know how goofy this sounds…even to me…but we talked—I asked her to take care of him–that he was my son and my treasure….and I truly believe with every fiber she understood and has done that very thing, and still does—every day…and she and I both know what she is all about…it is why I say she was easy—no other horse have I ever asked so much from and felt they completely understood and given what I needed with anything so valuable as Patrick. She does…it’s just that simple.
Now with Game—big difference. Game and I are hooked—but….big but here—affection and attachment with Game doesn’t automatically equal trust and obedience and relaxation….she and I love each other to death–but she has thought for herself—she looks for me in the pasture—she does things for me she won’t for anyone else—but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t fall back on her own instincts and thoughts when she gets spooky—it isn’t training—and it isn’t obedience—it’s her trusting me enough to do what she knows I am asking, even tho it frightens her to do it—AND—she has always taken care of herself—6 years in the pasture–her needs were met—and she is so easy going and gentle—but—she really thought for herself—she didn’t live in our riders world—she wasn’t joined to anyone in particular… and now I am asking her to….and I know for certain—stake my life on it—she will—it just takes a bit of time for her to come to being joined and really really trusting so she goes beyond what she fears or her own thoughts and she and I really become “she and I” So–no time line…she is coming—but it really isn’t training I am giving her—it is something different—it’s time to learn to trust the person she has affection for…to do things that don’t seem natural for her…and really all I have to do is keep being patient—showing her what I want—repeating it without getting frustrated or discouraged—and simply trust my own sense. She and I really are golden…we just haven’t proved it yet…but I know we will. So much of what I do with horses is a touch thing—almost like Reiki—but I talk to them thru touch and sound and just everything—and she are I really are moving forward…she is learning. I know this sounds like a wacko nut job mumbo jumbo—even to me…..but with all horses I handle—this is a lot of how I do it….most horses are simple—they are used to being in our world and being with us to some point. Game was different—tons of affection—she and I “knew” each other—and really loved each other from before the beginning really—-but that just didn’t equal automatic trust–and we are coming to that together too, and doing great…she is going to be the best of the best her and I—even tho Shu is the better horse. Last thing I will mention…this is more goofiness so I apologize in advance….Jill sent me a photo of Game she took the other day at the stable—Game just being Game—32 years ago I painted that exact picture—in every detail except the background when I was first married to Carrie—told her then it was my “dream horse.” I am no good drawing or painting–it was the only painting I ever did—we kept the thing for years and it has disappeared in one of our moves…but when Carrie saw the photo she knew it immediately—the pose—the placement of the legs-the head—every detail of the horse to the coloring and shading was exact. I know it sounds goofy—but it is what it is—you can ask Carrie on that one….anyway….I know when we have talked on the phone about Game and sometimes -or maybe even most times it doesn’t seem to make sense. In the practical “real” world of horses it really doesn’t either….but this is what and how and the nuts and bolts behind her and I—I hope you can understand a bit better what I sometimes try badly to say about her from this… Talk to you later—-Chuck