Deny & Liz’s Success Story

Deny meets his new mom Liz ClarkI have been riding and competing in the hunter/jumper world my whole life and leased an OTTB during high school and college. I knew that when it was time for me to get my next horse I definitely wanted a thoroughbred! As I was researching barn and sale horses I kept coming back to the Bits & Bytes website. Something about it and what they did (helping turn OTTBs into sport horses) seemed perfect for me. I called Elizabeth on a Friday and made plans to see the farm that next day. She gave me and my husband a tour of the property, talked to us about thoroughbreds, and discussed what I wanted to do with my next horse. It was very refreshing to find a farm where it is all about what I wanted to do with my horse, not having a horse pushed on my because the trainer was trying to sell it.

After that meeting I spent some time looking on-line at the Prospect horses. Elizabeth had suggested one horse for me that she thought would be good for what I wanted to do, but I kept looking back at the page for Deny. I can’t explain what it was but I had a feeling about him! I was nervous about buying a prospect horse, but this “feeling” kept coming back when I looked at his pictures.

So, I did it! I bought Deny on a Saturday and he arrived at his new home, Bits & Bytes Farm, on the following Friday. I was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, sooooo excited! As Deny walked off the trailer I was shocked…Deny (who I now call Denny) was the most gorgeous horse I had ever seen! His prospect horse pictures did not do him justice at all! Denny had raced the previous week but as I walked him down the driveway he seemed like the calmest, most laid back horse ever.

Deny & Liz

The next day was our first ride…he was perfect. I walked and trotted on the lunge line and he was responsive and listened to everything I asked him. It has been almost a month since that first ride and we have ridden almost everyday in the ring, gone on trail rides through the woods, and even ridden bareback. My sister, who hadn’t ridden in 5 years, got on him and after starting on the lunge line was walking and trotting on the rail confidently. Right now we are working on bending and getting stronger as we walk, trot, and canter. He is smart and learns very quickly! I couldn’t be happier with Denny!

Elizabeth’s Note: Be sure to see the photos of Deny playing with Monarch’s Reign in the pasture. These boyz know how to have fun.