Dixon’s Chief Transitions to his New Life

A lifestyle change can be difficult to swallow but this lush grass sure isn't!

A lifestyle change can be difficult to swallow but this lush grass sure isn

Since I sent you an update on Avrispecial I had to send you one on Dixons Chief. When Chief got here I had a lot of trouble getting him to eat but I am pretty sure it was because he had a stomach ulcer. I have had him on U-7. Becky recommended it to me since he was on the thin side. He ate his hay the first couple of days and then he had no interest in it at all. But he loved to graze so I left him out in a small pasture with Avri most of the time. It was about ten days before he started to eat his grain, I tried several different kinds before I found one that he liked, and I have him on a senior feed. It was about a week ago that I really started to notice that he was really starting to enjoy his feed. Now he loves to eat!!

The first week I had him he was cantering on the fence line and jumped over a water trough that was on the fence line, He never even missed a beat. He jumped it like he had been doing it for years and it was nothing new to him. There was one other day I turned him out in the arena and he was trotting around by himself and he trotted right over a couple small cross rails that where setup on a line all by himself! I think I see a future jumper here! He stands by the arena whenever I am riding and just watches, I think he is taking notes so he can get a head start on his training!
He is very easy too ride and so smart and willing. I have two wonderful horses that have been a blast to work with.