Easy Going Thoroughbred Scores Big with New Family

Goldie (Gold’s Anatomy) is doing great, and we just love him. Everyone from the shipper to the farrier say they are impressed with how easy going he is. Laura has ridden him several times already and he was just a dream, talk about a stride! He was a little annoyed when she first rode him away from his buddies, but after a little coaxing was going over trot poles on his own and getting his leads like a pro! If the weather gets a little better we’re going to show him off to her event trainer this weekend.

Laura now calls him “Riley” because everyone thought he was a palomino mare because of his name (talk about stereotype) and, being a red-head, she decided he needed an Irish name. He really is lovely. He and my warmblood are now best buds!

Happy Easter!

Gold’s Anatomy is less than two weeks away from racing and he is already being ridden by a Pony Clubber!

See his Prospect Horse For Sale photos below.