Ex-race Horse “Plows” Through the New England Snow

Who’s Cindy Sue aka: “Quinn” is learning the weather in New  England is not so reliable!  Here are pictures of her in her second snow storm, the first storm left us with 22 inches and single digit temperatures (taking pictures then was not going to happen!). This storm was much gentler on us all!  I think she has finally come to appreciate all of her blankets and her inside time. We are waiting for her snow shoes to be put on so that we can go riding outdoors (weather permitting of course!)

Our training work is pretty boring these days….nothing but strengthening and suppling work, but it is so necessary in order to continue our basic dressage work.  Quinn gets an amazing amount of compliments regarding her mind and behavior, today she stood still as a plow went right by her pushing up all the snow from the parking lot, and I always respond “Yes she is only 4 years old”!  We look forward to an exciting and productive year!  Excuse the very dirty blankets, just last week we had mud and she had a good rolling session!

Rebecca Bonner

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