Fast Commander Get the Blues at “A” Show

Fast Commander did three days of our local “A” show over the past two weekends.  We competed in the Long Stirrup division to stay at two feet.  This was all in the indoor arena, which seems to have a very soothing effect on “Commander”.  He acted like he had been doing this his whole life, despite a crowded warm up ring, judges, clapping, lots of flowers and fill on the jumps.  The only conflict we had was over braiding. He is not a fan of this, so he only had a braided mane one of the days.  We will have to work on this more when time allows.  He really was a pleasure to show.

He won two of the over fences classes, got a 4th in the flat, and had a variety of other ribbons along the way.  The best thing is that he seems to enjoy being ridden and enjoy jumping.  We are already jumping a bit higher at home and working on flying changes.  He now practically hops in the trailer by himself if I crinkle a peppermint wrapper and then stands there with his mouth open for his treat!