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Father, Son Bonding

I haven’t had any news to share in a while because Joe and I have cut back on shows over the last few months due to “the times”…but it has been a good opportunity to focus on our fitness and strengthening. Unfortunately about a month ago I had a little accident that left my right arm in a sling. Nothing major…just something that will take a few months to fully heal. In the first few weeks when I couldn’t do anything, my hubs, David went out with me to take care of Joe for me. He caught in the paddock, cleaned his feet, put on his boots and his bridle and did his stretching and lunging. Joe was a star and they bonded well! There was even one occation where David went out without me to lunged him. This could be very useful…

(wife of the best husband in the world!)

If you have not read the story of David purchasing Joe Bear as a Valentine’s Day surprise for Paula, take the time to read it now. Husbands all over the world need to take notes . . .

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